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Mortgage delinquencies


Historical graph of the Residential Mortgage Delinquencies

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What is it?

  • Residential Mortgage Delinquencies measure delinquency percentages for residential real estate loans secured by one- to four-family properties. It includes home-equity lines of credit.
  • Delinquent loans represent those loans that are past due 30 days or more and are still accruing interest, as well as loans in non-accrual status.

Why is it important?

  • We believe a higher than average mortgage delinquency rate is a key factor in the continuing housing crisis and also as it relates to the broader economy.

How do we interpret it?

  • Rising delinquency rates are an after-the-fact reflection of challenging economic climates.
  • Since mortgage payments are less discretionary than general consumer expenditures, increases in this indicator are more likely to occur during times of economic difficulty.

Typical historical range

  • As of December 2012, 90% of observations for the mortgage delinquency rates fall between 1.40% to 10.40%.

The source of our data is Bloomberg.

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