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ETFs and derivatives

Investable products based on Russell Indexes

Investors and traders can choose from a wide variety of products based on the perspective and methodology of the Russell Indexes.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Russell Index-based ETFs are designed to closely replicate the performance of different Russell Indexes. Rather than being sold as a mutual fund, ETFs are bought and sold like a stock. In leveraging the perspective and precision of the underlying Russell Index, these ETFs give investors accurate exposure to a growing number of investment categories and disciplines.

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Russell Index-based derivatives include futures and options, financial contracts that provide investors with exposure to the performance of an asset class or group of stocks in a single trade. They are often used as risk-hedging tools bought with the expectation that the value of the underlying index will increase or decrease during the time of the contract. Investors choosing these products can gain access to more difficult to reach asset classes, regions and categories.

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