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Russell Geographic Exposure Index Series

The Russell Geographic Exposure ("GeoExposure") Index Series is designed to track the performance of companies with significant exposure to targeted geographic regions.

These indexes provide clients with deeper insight into a company's performance, risks, and growth opportunities through knowledge of its geographic exposures.

Key features and benefits

Transparent geographic exposure.
Unique methodology identifies companies with significant market and economic exposure to a target region or country.

Deeper insight.
Designed to provide further knowledge of individual company revenue streams, and diverse multi-national operations.

Modified market cap weighted.
Companies are modified market cap weighted based on their geographic exposure relative to their peer companies.

Replicated easily to serve as the basis of investable products and passive funds.

In-depth company exposure information.
Percent and Dollar Revenue exposure amounts for each company in the developed large cap universe for the following regions are provided:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Developed Europe
  • Developed ex-NA
  • Developed ex-U.S.
  • Emerging Europe
  • Emerging Markets
  • Global ex-U.S.
  • United States

About Revere Data, LLC

Revere Data, LLC employs a proprietary industry-leading methodology to determine the geographic breakdown of a company's revenue. Revere provides Russell with the proprietary revenue estimates for publicly listed companies within the Russell parent universe. For more details about Revere GeoRev™ estimation methodology, please consult the Russell Geographic Exposure Index Series Construction and Methodology (PDF).

Available indexes

The Russell Geographic Exposure Index methodology can be applied to additional Russell Indexes and may be designed to target various regional or country exposures. The series currently consists of four developed market indexes with targeted exposure to the emerging markets region.