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Russell U.S. Indexes

Small cap indexes

A complete U.S. stock market view

Russell U.S Indexes are the leading U.S. equity benchmarks for institutional investors¹. Our broad range of U.S. indexes allow investors to track current and historical market performance by specific size, investment style and other market characteristics.

All Russell U.S. Indexes are subsets of the Russell 3000® Index, which includes the well-known large cap Russell 1000® Index and small cap Russell 2000® Index.

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Research-driven innovation

Since launching our research-based U.S. indexes in 1984, we continue to create products that give investors an edge in the complex investment universe.

In 1987, based on research showing that major investing styles move in and out of favor over time, we developed separate benchmarks for tracking growth and value stocks. This groundbreaking innovation has now become industry standard. Today, Russell is a leading provider of comprehensive equity style indexes.


Comprehensive and representative.
Russell's U.S. Indexes cover 98% of the U.S. equity investable universe and include companies determined to be part of the U.S. equity market according to Russell's robust country classification methodology.

Transparent and rules-based.
Modular design makes Russell indexes practical and easy to use for both active and passive managers.

Completely objective.
Industries and sectors are represented by a wide variety of securities, rather than samples found in other indexes.

Rigorously maintained.
Indexes are updated quarterly and rebuilt annually to ensure that securities are included in the appropriate market cap and style index.

Industry-leading methodology.
Many elements of Russell's index methodology are now considered industry standard, including float adjustment and multi-factor style.

Available indexes

Russell 1000® Index Russell 3000E™ Index
Russell 1000® Defensive Index® Russell 3000® Index
Russell 1000® Dynamic Index® Russell 3000® Defensive Index®
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Index Russell 3000® Dynamic Index®
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Consumer Discretionary Index Russell 3000® Growth Index
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Consumer Staples Index Russell 3000® Growth-Defensive Index®
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Energy Index Russell 3000® Growth-Dynamic Index®
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Financial Services Index Russell 3000® Value Index
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Health Care Index Russell 3000® Value-Defensive Index®
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Materials & Processing Index Russell 3000® Value-Dynamic Index®
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Producer Durables Index Russell Microcap® Index
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Technology Index Russell Microcap® Growth Index
Russell 1000® Equal Weight Utilities Index Russell Microcap® Value Index
Russell 1000® Growth Index Russell Midcap® Index
Russell 1000® Growth-Defensive Index® Russell Midcap® Defensive Index®
Russell 1000® Growth-Dynamic Index® Russell Midcap® Dynamic Index®
Russell 1000® Value Index Russell Midcap® Equal Weight Index
Russell 1000® Value-Defensive Index® Russell Midcap® Growth Index
Russell 1000® Value-Dynamic Index® Russell Midcap® Growth-Defensive Index®
Russell 2000® Index Russell Midcap® Growth-Dynamic Index®
Russell 2000® Defensive Index® Russell Midcap® Value Index
Russell 2000® Dynamic Index® Russell Midcap® Value-Defensive Index®
Russell 2000® Equal Weight Index Russell Midcap® Value-Dynamic Index®
Russell 2000® Growth Index Russell Small Cap Completeness® Index
Russell 2000® Growth-Dynamic Index® Russell Small Cap Completeness® Growth Index
Russell 2000® Growth-Defensive Index® Russell Small Cap Completeness® Value Index
Russell 2000® Value Index Russell Top 200® Index
Russell 2000® Value-Defensive Index® Russell Top 200® Defensive Index®
Russell 2000® Value-Dynamic Index® Russell Top 200® Dynamic Index®
Russell 2500™ Index Russell Top 200® Equal Weight Index
Russell 2500™ Defensive Index® Russell Top 200® Growth Index
Russell 2500™ Dynamic Index® Russell Top 200® Growth-Defensive Index®
Russell 2500™ Growth Index Russell Top 200® Growth-Dynamic Index®
Russell 2500™ Growth-Defensive Index® Russell Top 200® Value Index
Russell 2500™ Growth-Dynamic Index® Russell Top 200® Value-Defensive Index®
Russell 2500™ Value Index Russell Top 200® Value-Dynamic Index®
Russell 2500™ Value-Defensive Index® Russell Top 50® Mega Cap Index
Russell 2500™ Value-Dynamic Index®