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In order to maintain indexes that are truly representative of global equity markets, Russell annually rebalances the entire Russell family of indexes.

On the last trading day of May each year, all eligible securities globally are ranked by their total market capitalization. In addition to Russell's annual reconstitution, eligible initial public offerings (IPOs) are added on a quarterly basis.

Membership lists

As of June 26, 2015

Russell 1000®(PDF)
Russell 2000® (PDF)
Russell 3000® (PDF)
Russell Midcap® (PDF)
Russell Microcap® (PDF)
Russell Global (PDF)

Russell U.S. Indexes

On the last trading day in May, Russell ranks the 4,000 largest U.S. stocks by market capitalization. After the initial list of 4,000 eligible participants is determined, the shares outstanding for each company are adjusted for corporate cross-ownership and large private holdings. Therefore, the Russell Indexes include only the investable portion of the universe—that segment in which investors can freely transact shares.

Russell Global Indexes

The Russell Global Index is constructed from a company level perspective. Every publicly traded company around the world that could merit investment by a global institutional asset manager by meeting minimum size and investability standards is included in the stock universe.

Once the total universe has been screened and companies have been assigned to their home countries (for more information on the screening and country assignment process see the construction and methodology document), Russell takes the top 98% of the investable universe in the U.S. (Russell 3000 Index) and the rest of the world to create the initial membership list. Upon finalizing the constituent list, the index weights are calculated by free float-adjusted capitalization to create the final Russell Global Index.

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