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Russell smart beta indexes

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Smart beta indexes are transparent, rules-based indexes designed to provide focused exposure to specific factors, market segments or investment strategies. Typically not weighted by market capitalization, smart beta indexes provide unique opportunities for investors to increase portfolio diversification, reduce risk and enhance returns over time. Learn more about smart beta

Russell's smart beta indexes

Newest series:
Russell Equal Weight Sector Index Series

Offering a simple approach to applying the same weight to each security in the index

Russell-Axioma Factor Indexes
Designed to track isolated risk factor exposures — Momentum, Beta and Volatility

Russell Defensive and Dynamic Indexes®
Defensive® captures securities which better hold their value in market downturns and Dynamic® includes volatile stocks most sensitive to credit, economic and industry cycles

Russell Equal Weight Indexes
An innovative, alternative weighting methodology that results in greater diversification by first equal weighting sectors, then constituents

Russell Fundamental Index® Series
Captures the beta of Research Affiliates'® leading Fundamental Index® strategy by selecting and weighting securities using fundamental measures of company size

Russell Geographic Exposure Indexes
Tracks the performance of companies with significant revenue exposure to targeted geographic regions or countries

Russell High Dividend Yield Indexes
Constructed to maximize dividend yield while ensuring high-quality index membership. Securities are selected based on yield, dividend growth, and earnings variability

Russell High Efficiency™ Defensive Indexes®
Designed to deliver efficient, transparent, and turnover-controlled capture of low volatility and high quality stocks at various levels of tracking error

Russell High Efficiency™ Factor Indexes
Institutional quality exposure to Low Volatility, Momentum, Quality and Value

Smart Beta Guidebook

An expansion of the investor toolbox

Smart Beta Guidebook

View Interactive Guidebook

Principles of Index selection: The evolution of Indexes

Principles of Index selection: The evolution of Indexes

Rolf Agather
Managing Director, Research and Innovation

How the evolution of indexes is taking a very different form than in the past
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