2015 Index reconstitution

Russell rebalances the entire series of indexes every year, to maintain true representation.

Markets change

Why reconstitution makes the Russell 2000 a better small cap index

A Q&A with Rolf Agather, Managing Director, Research & Innovation

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Highlights of 2015 Recon (PDF)
This overview provides US, Style, Global and Frontier highlights from 2015 Reconstitution.

Preliminary Lists for 2015 Reconstitution Announced
Russell indexes announced preliminary planned additions and deletions. View the press release (PDF).

Country Classification to 2015 Russell Indexes Global Guidebook
The Russell Index Guidebook provides clients with insights into the factors considered in defining a country’s risk classification as "developed," "emerging" or "frontier."

Russell Indexes 2015 Global Guidebook Commentary
This Russell Indexes Global Commentary expands on global equity themes noted during the research and production of the Russell Indexes Global Guidebook.

Impacts of reconstitution (PDF)
Reconstitution remains essential to ensuring the accuracy of the Russell 2000. See how the impact of the annual rebalance has been dramatically reduced in the last ten years.

2015 Reconstitution

2015 Reconstitution

Watch a brief overview of Russell index construction methodology and why reconstitution is important