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  • 27 August, 2015

    FTSE Min Variance Indexes exhibit reduced volatility during recent global equity market declines.

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  • 18 August, 2015

    FTSE All-World ex Coal Index Series reflects strong relative performance...

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  • 14 August, 2015

    FTSE Sustainable Yield Index Series measures dependable yield of companies around the world

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  • 17 June, 2015

    FTSE Factor Index analysis suggests value in emerging markets year-to-date as of the end of May

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Market perspectives



Big Picture on Small Cap

30 Years of the Russell 2000® Index

On the 30th anniversary of the small cap index, Russell's David Koenig, Investment Strategist reflects on its popularity as a market benchmark and a basis for investment products.

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Russell Pure Style Index Series
Concentrated exposure to stocks that exhibit strong growth or value signals

Russell Dividend Growth Index Series
Access to companies with consistent dividend growth

Russell High Efficiency™ Factor Indexes
Efficient and effective tools for factor-based investing

Russell Leveraged Index Series
Access to daily leveraged indexes based on Russell Indexes

Featured research

Small Cap Perspectives (PDF)
Quarterly Market analysis and commentary for the Russell 2000® Index

Global Equity Markets: The year 2014 in review (PDF)
This report provides a review of the 2014 performance of global equity markets, Russell Conscious Currency® Indexes, and Russell-Parametric Cross-Sectional Volatility (CrossVol) Indexes.

Efficient exposure to low volatility, momentum, quality and value (PDF)
The Russell High Efficiency Factor Index series provides exposure to four commonly understood factors that drive equity returns: Low Volatility, Momentum, Quality and Value

Smart Beta Survey (PDF)
Smart Beta: A deeper look at asset owner perceptions