Market news

  • 27 March, 2015

    Climb to Recent FTSE 100 Index Peak Less Steep Than Previous Two

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  • 20 March, 2015

    2015 YTD euro currency drop leads to performance pop for euro-based FTSE Developed Index

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  • 6 March, 2015

    Russell Developed Europe Index topped other Russell global equity indices for February; Russell Indexes

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  • 23 February, 2015

    European equity markets remain positive amid renewed Greek Drama: Russell Indexes

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Big Picture on Small Cap

30 Years of the Russell 2000® Index

On the 30th anniversary of the small cap index, Russell's David Koenig, Investment Strategist reflects on its popularity as a market benchmark and a basis for investment products.

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Russell Dividend Growth Index Series
Access to companies with consistent dividend growth

Russell High Efficiency™ Factor Indexes
Efficient and effective tools for factor-based investing

Russell Leveraged Index Series
Access to daily leveraged indexes based on Russell Indexes

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Global Equity Markets: The year 2014 in review (PDF)
This report provides a review of the 2014 performance of global equity markets, Russell Conscious Currency® Indexes, and Russell-Parametric Cross-Sectional Volatility (CrossVol) Indexes.

Small Cap Perspectives (PDF)
Quarterly Market analysis and commentary for the Russell 2000® Index

Efficient exposure to low volatility, momentum, quality and value (PDF)
The Russell High Efficiency Factor Index series provides exposure to four commonly understood factors that drive equity returns: Low Volatility, Momentum, Quality and Value

Smart Beta Survey (PDF)
Smart Beta: A deeper look at asset owner perceptions