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Fund objective
The Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital growth with low correlation to, and lower volatility than, global equity markets.

Investment strategy

  • Seeks to achieve long-term capital growth with low correlation to, and lower volatility, than global equity markets.

  • Investments may include equity securities, fixed income securities and derivatives, and the Fund may take long or short positions in all of its investments.

  • The Fund's money managers may choose from a wide range of alternative strategies, including, equity hedge, event driven, relative value, and tactical trading.

Fund highlights

  • Consistent with our multi-asset investment approach, Russell brings together several managers with experience in alternative strategy investing, each employing their own unique investment style.

  • Over a market cycle, designed to achieve returns somewhere between global equities and core fixed income, with volatility that is closer to core fixed income than equities.

As of 12/31/2015
Updated quarterly

Total net assets (All classes)   $0.5 billion
Net asset value (Class S)   $9.09

    Cusip   Ticker
Class A   78249R701   RMSAX
Class C   78249R800   RMSCX
Class E   78249R883   RMSEX
Class S   78249R875   RMSSX

Fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses should be carefully considered before investing. A summary prospectus, if available, or a prospectus containing this and other important information can be obtained by calling 800-787-7354 or by visiting the prospectus and reports page to download one. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

not FDIC insured

Please remember that all investments carry some level of risk, including the potential loss of principal invested. They do not typically grow at an even rate of return and may experience negative growth. As with any type of portfolio structuring, attempting to reduce risk and increase return could, at certain times, unintentionally reduce returns.

The Russell Multi-Strategy Alternative Fund is classified as a "non-diversified fund" under the 1940 Act which means that a relatively high percentage of the fund's assets may be invested in a limited number of issuers. Thus, the fund may be more susceptible to adverse developments affecting any single issuer held in its portfolio, and may be more susceptible to greater losses because of these developments.

The degree of correlation among money managers' investment strategies and the market as a whole will vary as a result of market conditions and other factors. Some money managers will have a greater degree of correlation with each other and with the market than others.

Alternative strategies may be subject to risks related to equity securities; fixed income securities, including non-investment grade fixed income securities, which involve higher volatility and higher risk of default than investment grade fixed income securities; non-U.S. and emerging markets securities, which involve risks such as currency fluctuation and political and economic instability that could result in additional volatility; currency trading, which may involve instruments that have volatile prices, are illiquid or create economic leverage; commodity investments, which may have greater volatility than investments in traditional securities; illiquid securities; and derivatives, including futures, options, forwards and swaps. Investments in derivatives may cause the Fundís losses to be greater than if it invests only in conventional securities and can cause the Fund to be more volatile. Derivatives involve risks different from, or possibly greater than, the risks associated with other investments. The Fundís use of derivatives may cause the Fundís investment returns to be impacted by the performance of securities the Fund does not own and result in the Fundís total investment exposure exceeding the value of its portfolio. Additionally, the Fund may enter into short sales and certain money managers may utilize a short strategy. Short sales expose the Fund to the risk of liability equal to the market value of the security that is sold, in addition to the costs associated with establishing, maintaining and closing out the short position. Short sales have the potential for unlimited loss.

Diversification and strategic asset allocation do not assure profit or protect against loss in declining markets.

For more information on Russell Funds, contact your investment professional or plan administrator for assistance.

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