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Decades of institutional leadership drive every custom client solution we deliver.

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We're here to help you deliver value to your clients with tools and resources for our network of financial professionals.

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Our leading family of indexes represent over 98% of the investable universe worldwide.

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The Russell difference

Our purpose: Improving financial security for people

More than ever, the focus for advisors is shifting to become less about investment products and more about the long-term outcomes for your clients.

Understand your client goals

Advisors have the opportunity to develop deep relationships with clients by understanding their goals, helping them develop long-term strategies, and measuring their progress. It's about showing clients what is possible and helping them focus on what's within their control in challenging times as well as good times.
Russell's online tools, such as those found on our Helping Advisors site can help you gain insights as you craft implementation strategies to meet your clients goals.

Give your clients good choices

When you work with Russell, you'll be collaborating with a global leader in money manager research. Our process uses quantitative and qualitative methods to choose the managers we think are the best worldwide.

From a global pool of 15,410 money manager products that we scrutinize, only 487* are selected for specific assignments. All managers chosen are continually monitored for quality and performance, and are replaced or reassigned whenever necessary.

*Data as of December 31, 2013

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Building multi-asset portfolios

Russell goes beyond the typical portfolio of stocks and bonds to create global multi-asset solutions that include a variety of underlying money managers and investment styles that help manage opportunities as well as risk. We research and build investment strategies and products that reflect changes in the industry and the markets. This level of deep diversification helps you manage your clients' risk as different investment styles cycle in and out of favor.
Multi-Asset Portfolio (PDF)

The trade-off between risk and return

When it comes to getting the greatest potential return for the least amount of risk, we believe getting your client's long-term asset allocation right is the most important decision you'll make. That's why we're committed to building globally diversified multi-asset portfolios. We think that by spreading risk around as widely as possible, the potential for volatility can be managed. And that can go a long way in making your clients more comfortable with the market's inevitable ups and downs.

Of course, you should remember that investing will always involve risks, including the loss of principal. No investing approach is perfect and while Russell's goal is to employ money managers with complementary investment styles, they may not be.  A multi-manager approach could increase portfolio turnover which could increase costs and/or capital gains or losses. But over the long-term, we think our multi-asset approach to investing can help you achieve more consistent outcomes for your clients.
Comparing Single vs Multi-asset Portfolios (PDF)

Helping Advisors

Russell insights on the market and the economy, including the Economic Indicators Dashboard, articles and tools to help you help your clients.

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Insights & Research

Strategists' 2014 Global Outlook: Second Quarter Update
Russell's team of global investment strategists has released the firm's Strategists' 2014 Global Outlook: Second Quarter Update, highlighting core expectations for capital markets throughout 2014.


Download the Strategists' 2014 Global Outlook: Second Quarter Update