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Russell Separate Accounts

Tax-efficiency and customization in a single brokerage account

Russell Separate Accounts enable affluent investors to leverage strategic tax management at the core of their portfolio. When you work with your financial advisor to invest in Russell Separate Accounts, you gain access to an experienced mix of institutional money managers within a single, simple-to-follow brokerage account mapped to your long-term objectives.

An uncommon level of access

Beyond the traditional customization and tax-efficiency benefits of separate accounts, Russell Separate Accounts incorporate in-depth manager research to select some of the world's best institutional investment managers.

Whereas other separate account products offer investors a selection of managers typically filtered based on brand name and recent performance, Russell Separate Accounts go beyond delivering a "recommended" list to package complementary managers intentionally chosen to provide broad coverage of specific asset classes.

Objective manager oversight

Russell's objective approach to evaluating and selecting money managers is designed to be clear and uncompromised at all times. Selected money managers are not Russell employees. They are hired and replaced as appropriate to create optimal manager combinations in pursuit of a particular investment's objective.

With Russell Separate Accounts*, you get:

  • Money managers who have made it through Russell's rigorous research filter:
  • Direct security ownership
    • Ability to transfer securities in-kind
    • Individual security reporting
    • Tax efficiency (loss harvesting, wash sale management)
    • Customization/restrictions (work around concentrated positions or personal preferences)
  • A packaged solution to quality portfolio construction

Three Russell Separate Account Mixes

  1. Broad Cap, Large Cap, Small Cap
  2. Two to seven managers per account
  3. Minimum investments from $200,000 to $400,000