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LDI for DB plans with lump sum benefit payment options

While offering lump sums adds an extra layer of complexity to an LDI strategy, this should not dissuade sponsors from pursuing an LDI strategy for their plan. With a proper understanding and adequate approach, LDI can successfully reduce the interest rate risk in the plan and help the sponsor meet their objectives.

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What's the right savings rate?

DC plan participants struggle with how much to save to achieve target replacement income (TRI) in retirement. The TRI 30 method offers plan sponsors a practical approach to guide participants toward appropriate individual savings rates.

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How big is longevity risk?

Retirees drawing down assets in DC accounts must factor in both investment and longevity risk. At younger ages, investment risk is greater, but longevity risk becomes greater over time. This finding is relevant to the current debate on the provision of lifetime income options to DC plan retirees.

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The future of retirement

During Russell's recent investment summit, attendees were polled on three issues that could reshape the U.S. retirement system – mandatory participation, risk sharing and getting the sponsor out of the plan. The results were surprising.

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Revisiting company stock in defined contribution plans

Company stock can align employee interests with those of the corporation and provide corporate tax benefits, but it can also open the plan to lawsuits if the program is not carefully monitored and administered.

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Strategy Spotlight: Hedging the risk of lump sum distributions

Using an overlay hedge during lump sum distributions can help pension plan sponsors minimize their market risk while providing better risk-adjusted outcomes to plan beneficiaries.

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Has the fix been fixed

Trading foreign exchange is a lot like buying a car. Until recently, the negotiation advantage had been with dealer, primarily because of greater access to market information. But that’s changing: New apps and websites empower the car buyer, including info what others are paying for vehicles. We see the same dynamic holding true in foreign exchange trading.

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The many faces of fiduciary outsourcing: ERISA sections 3(16), 3(21) and 3(38)

In this article Mike Barry reviews the meaning under ERISA of the terms “fiduciary” (ERISA 3(21)), “administrator” (ERISA 3(16)) and “investment manager” (ERISA 3(38)). He then considers, in each case, how those terms are used when discussing outsourcing.

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Outsourcing considerations for pensions

As investment outsourcing gains speed, plan sponsors may benefit from a “who does what” worksheet and sample RFP questions as they consider outsourced CIO (OCIO) providers.

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How would Russell do it?

How would Russell do it?

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2015 Global Market Outlook: Q3 Update
The Tax Attack: Will the benefits of 401(k) plans survive?

The Tax Attack: Will the benefits of 401(k) plans survive?

A discussion of various government proposals aimed at raising revenue by changing tax treatment for DC participant contributions to employer-sponsored retirement plans.