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Real Goals Research

Advisors offer insights on women as clients

Based on years of presenting to financial advisors, Russell’s Jaylene Howard and Kristin Gibson share their collective views on how advisors are taking on the challenge of better serving women investors.

Jaylene Howard, Consulting Director

Kristin Gibson, Senior Director of National Internal Sales and Distribution


Big Picture on Small Cap:
30 years of the Russell 2000® Index

Russell’s David Koenig, Investment Strategist, reflects on small cap index on its 30th anniversary from market benchmark to popular investment product.

David Koenig, Investment Strategist

Myth Busting: Women investors show loyalty to advisors

A Russell study casts new light on women investors’ loyalties and preferences when it comes to working with financial advisors. The findings provide advisors with fresh insights on how to align their practice with the financial needs of women investors.

Jaylene Howard, Consulting Director

Latest trends among US non-profits

Russell’s Heather Myers discusses outsourcing and other key trends being discussed by U.S. endowments and foundations.

Heather Myers, Managing Director, Non-Profits

Risk reveal: How non-profits manage multiple types of risk

Mike Ruff discusses the varied types of risk that should be considered by investment committees and leaders at non-profit organizations.

Mike Ruff, Director and Senior Portfolio Manager

2014 Annual Global Outlook

Where are global equity markets heading in 2014? Russell Investments' global team of investment strategists, whose insights help to guide the firm's multi-asset portfolios and services, offer in-depth analysis of key economic and market indicators for the year ahead.

Andrew Pease, Global head of Investment Strategy

FPO survey: Are advisors measuring right stuff for retirement?

After surveying 321 financial advisors, we found that most (73 percent) consider retirement planning a vital part of their service. Only 15% say they evaluate present value of the investor's projected assets/liabilities for retirement. We believe more advisors should take a closer look at this personal "funded ratio" before declaring their clients on track for a sustainable retirement.

Rod Greenshields, Consulting Director, Private Client Services

Strategists' outlook and barometer - Q4 2013

Russell Investments' global team of investment strategists, whose insights help to guide the firm's multi-asset portfolios and services, offer in-depth analysis of key economic and market indicators for the fourth quarter of 2013.

Get smart

Volatility is a given. Our research shows that incorporating "smart" beta into the passive portion of a portfolio could result in a less jarring investment experience. Better yet, investors can control costs of such a change. Russell's Rachel Carroll explains why and how some investors are "getting smart."

Rachel Carroll, Institutional Consultant

Is multi-asset investing just second guessing?

If you research, select and assign appropriate weights to skilled managers, you have likely assembled quality ingredients. But achieving a desired outcome requires more. Portfolio Manager Jon Eggins explains how to deal with the fact that a selection of good managers can sometimes create unintended results in a total portfolio.

Jon Eggins, Portfolio Manager

Q&A: Don't fight the Fed

With interest rates stagnant at historically low rates, institutional investors are starting to get concerned about where they will find yields in fixed income. This Q&As provides Russell’s views on a proactive strategy for non-profit investor’s fixed income allocation.

Jeff Hussey, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income
An introductory tour

CEO Message

Russell President and CEO
Len Brennan describes how strategic asset allocation is combined with market insights and factor exposure to create a total-portfolio approach.

Investment Perspectives

Investment Perspectives

Russell's thought leaders offer their views on timely issues impacting investors.