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Decades of institutional leadership drive every custom client solution we deliver.

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We're here to help you deliver value to your clients with tools and resources for our network of financial professionals.

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Our leading family of indexes represent over 98% of the investable universe worldwide.

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Financial professionals and the investors they serve

Smart investors define their financial goals then commit to them. Advisors must define the right plan–including a sound investment strategy–and then provide guidance and insight to investors over time. Russell provides investment tools and information to help advisors deliver value to investors. Working together, we can help improve financial security for more people every day.

Mutual funds ¹

  • Russell mutual funds

    A wide variety of mutual funds featuring stocks or bonds in multiple combinations to help meet varying investor needs.

  • LifePoints® Funds

    Self-contained mutual fund portfolios of stock and bond funds designed to simplify the investment process for investors.

Strategic Portfolios ²

  • Model Strategies

    A series of portfolio allocation recommendations designed to meet a range of client needs and investment risk tolerances. For more information or help to determine if this solution is right for your client, please call us at 866-534-3911.

  • Russell Separate Accounts ³

    Professionally combined accounts of individual stocks designed to offer affluent investors strategic tax management at the core of their portfolio.

  • Russell Unified Managed Accounts

    Strategic, customizable asset-allocated portfolios for affluent investors that combine Russell Separate Accounts and mutual funds. For more information or help to determine if this solution is right for your client please, please call us at 866-534-3911.

Index products

  • Real Time Market Analysis

    Use Real-Time Market Analysis as your one-stop resource for up-to-the-minute information reflecting selected Russell Indexes performance and the factors affecting today's market activity.

  • Index performance data

    Your guide to the Russell family of indexes. Russell created its family of indexes to better track investment manager performance.

Additional services in support of financial Professionals

  • Practice management

    Our dedicated team provides financial advisors with concepts and tools designed to help improve focus, enhance profitability and tangibly demonstrate value to clients.

  • Capital market insights

    We will help you cut through the noise and make sense of the markets, the economy and investment strategies. Stay informed and inform your clients with materials and research that contribute to your viewpoints and help make complex issues more easily understood by investors.

  • Consulting

    Russell's consultants are ready to assist advisors with portfolio construction issues, complex strategy creation and developing capabilities to serve foundations, endowments and high net worth families.

  • Research

    Russell's global network of analysts provide institutional research papers, quarterly market and client review materials, market outlook information and opinions on current investment and financial planning issues.

Institutional strategies

We've helped hundreds of institutional clients worldwide build long-term financial security. If you need a solution as specific as a portfolio manager transition, we can do that. If you need a complete investment management and plan administration solution, we can do that, too. We'll guide you through the strategic planning and implementation phases, then help you evaluate the results. The choice is yours.

Clients we serve

  • Defined benefit plans

    We can help you decide what's right for your plan.

  • Defined contribution plans

    DC strategies that apply decades of research on institutional best practices.

  • Non-profit organizations

    Helping you align your investment program with your mission.

  • Taft-Hartley plans

    We help you meet your investment challenges using sophisticated tools.

  • Consulting

    For decades, consulting has been at the core of our business. Our global network of consultants and research analysts help guide large institutional investors in an increasingly complex environment.

Investment management

  • Asset allocation process

    Using a suite of integrated analytical tools and in-depth asset/liability processes we can help you integrate pension plan management with your organization's overall risk management process.

  • Multi-manager funds

    Our influence over large pools of capital provides access to some of the best money managers in the world and helps to ensure that we have the information we need to thoroughly evaluate a manager's people, processes and performance. We blend managers that are highly ranked by Russell with complementary styles into competitively priced, broadly diversified portfolios.

  • Liability-driven investing

    Liability-driven investment (LDI) strategies include your plan's liabilities as an integral part of determining the right asset mix – a mix designed to more effectively manage key risk factors.

  • Enhanced Asset Allocation

    This disciplined and strategic response to market conditions maintains portfolio discipline yet aggressively looks for return opportunities.

  • Alternative investing

    We also offer real estate, private equity and other alternative investments.

  • Comprehensive administration services

    This service can help with your trust and custody, performance reporting, plan accounting and retiree services needs. We also provide an added layer of fiduciary support on plan governance issues. For non-profit organizations, we can help manage securities gift processing and donor recordkeeping services.

Implementation services

  • Overlay services

    An essential tool for managing large pools of capital, derivative overlays help manage risk elements and improve performance.

  • Transition management

    Maximize the value of your assets. Setting large pools of assets into motion can be a daunting endeavor. A well-planned and well-executed transition strategy can help you.

  • Agency FX trading

    Reduce your foreign exchange trading costs. Inattention to foreign exchange (FX) transactions can be costly. Our Agency FX Trading provides a sophisticated, cost-effective alternative.

  • Commission recapture

    Continuing to reduce transaction costs: Saving clients over $1 billion since inception. Commission recapture is one of the core fiduciary tools that plan sponsors have to manage their commission spend.

  • Index data subscriptions

    U.S. and Global Index Data (holdings, characteristics, returns, corporate actions)

Investable products

  • Investors and traders can choose from a wide variety of products based on Russell Indexes to help them better manage their investments.

Online tools

  • Web TM™

    Track your transition management event online.

¹ Mutual Fund Investing involves risk, principal loss is possible.

Mutual funds offered through Russell Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA, part of Russell Investments.

The LifePoints Funds are a series of fund of funds which expose an investor to the risks of the underlying funds proportionate to their allocation. Investment in LifePoints Funds involves direct expenses of each fund and indirect expenses of the underlying funds, which together can be higher than those incurred when investing directly in an underlying fund.

² Model Strategies represent target allocations of Russell funds; these models are not managed and cannot be invested in directly. Model Strategies are exposed to the specific risks of the funds directly proportionate to their fund allocation.

³ Russell Separate Accounts and Russell Unified Managed Accounts are products of Russell Investment Management Company (RIMCo). RIMCo provides no investment management services. The implementation of Russell Separate Accounts and Russell Unified Managed Accounts in investorsportfolios and related investment advice are provided through investment advisers and other financial intermediaries that are independent of RIMCo and its affiliates. Investment in one or more mixes is not a complete investment program.

An investment in any one or more of the Russell Separate Accounts does not comprise a complete investment program

Indexes are unmanaged and cannot be invested in directly.

Russell Investments is the owner of the trademarks, service marks and copyrights related to its indexes.

Implementation services offered by Russell Implementation Services Inc., member FINRA/SIPC