Green Revenues

Green Revenues

Are your investments exposed to the green economy?

FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues framework allows investors for the first time to accurately measure the world’s transition to a green economy.

Smart Beta & Factor Indexes

Seeking an index solution targeting specific risk factors?

A range of transparent benchmarks can be used by investors seeking to target specific risk factors, rules-based strategies or market segments, complementing traditional active and passive analysis.

China Indexes

Interested in exploring key opportunities in China?

FTSE Russell’s China Index Series cover all Chinese share types, multiple asset classes and investment themes including style, dividend yield, fundamentally weighted and property.

Equity Indexes

Looking for a clear view of the world’s markets?

FTSE Russell equity indexes are designed to provide an objective and comprehensive picture of the world’s markets.


To boldly go where stocks have not gone before…

To boldly go where stocks have not gone before…

By: Mary Fjelstadt, Senior Research Analyst

January 2017 saw the US stock market hit several index milestones. After the contentious presidential campaign leading up to the 2016 election, the US ushered in a new administration on January 20 that promised sweeping changes to economic and financial policies. So it seems logical to ask whether the equity market peaks in January may be attributable at least in part to the new administration.

Index IDEA: Yield & momentum US large caps rise more than broad market in January

Index IDEA: Yield & momentum US large caps rise more than broad market in January

Multi-factor indexes from global index provider FTSE Russell that underlie three ETFs from SSGA help illustrate the key characteristics that have enabled certain US large-cap stocks to experience higher returns than the US large-cap market in January, largely continuing performance trends exhibited in 2016.  According to FTSE Russell, two of its series of three focused factor indexes, which a...

Press Releases

FTSE Russell expands China offering with two new indexes

As China continues to open its markets to international investors, FTSE Russell is pleased to confirm the launch of two new benchmark indexes for China A-shares stocks. The FTSE China A Innovative Enterprise Indexes will provide a benchmark for the fast-growing ChiNext stocks listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

FTSE Russell Introduces FTSE TMX Canada NVCC Bond Index

FTSE Russell recently announced the introduction of the FTSE TMX Canada NVCC Bond Index, the first standalone index of its kind designed for Canadian investors to specifically track the issuance and performance of Non-Viable Contingent Capital (NVCC) securities.

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