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Improving financial security for people

At Russell Investments, all of our capabilities, all of our strategies and all of our experience are designed to help you meet your specific investment goals.

Investments with your objectives in mind

At Russell Investments, we know everyone has different financial goals. You may want to fund your children's education. Enjoy your retirement. Or put money aside for unexpected events. And we realize your needs will likely change over time. So our investments solutions focus on helping you achieve your real goals - whatever they may be and however they might change.

Why choose Russell Investments?

  • Focusing on your real goals - we focus on helping you achieve your real goals
  • Bringing you opportunities - we give you access to a world of assets and strategies within a single multi-asset portfolio
  • Reducing investment risks - our diversified investment solutions spread risks across many assets, managers, geographies and industries
  • Appointing outstanding managers - we find, assess and appoint some of the world's best-performing sub-advisers to help meet our aim of delivering better returns
  • Delivering quality for decades - for four decades, we've been helping financial advisors secure successful outcomes for people

Accessing our investment opportunities

Our investment solutions are available exclusively through financial advisors. That's because advisors have the expertise to understand your current situation, assess your objectives, recommend solutions and ensure your individualized plan remains on track. We provide your financial advisor with the support and tools they need to help your investments achieve the outcomes you seek.

Investment Solutions for Real Goals

Russell Investments Multi-Asset solutions
Diversify your portfolio with funds from several asset classes to serve as core holdings, or broaden your exposure in different areas. Russell Investments Pools are designed so that you and your advisor can work together to establish a tailored financial plan.
Learn more about Russell Investments multi-asset solutions

Russell Investments Corporate Class solutions
When investing outside of a registered savings plan (RSP), you may be able to take advantage of the Corporate Class structure to achieve more tax-efficient investment returns.
Corporate Class

Accumulation Portfolios*
This family of funds features globally diversified multi-asset portfolios built using a selection of asset classes, styles and sub-advisers.
Learn more about Accumulation Portfolios

  • Accumulation Portfolios — A "Defined Contribution" pension plan option. These prepackaged portfolios are designed to meet the needs of individual investors at every "life point."
  • Russell Investments Group of Funds — A "Defined Benefit" pension plan option. Our experienced investment team can help you as a pension plan manager to provide a highly customized multi-asset product designed to meet your pension plan's sophisticated and unique investment needs.

*Includes formerly known as LifePoints Balanced, LifePoints Balanced Growth and LifePoints Long-Term Growth (and Class versions)
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