Russell Investments Corporate Class

Our portfolios have helped investors raise their expectations throughout more than 30 years of bull and bear markets. Today, our rigorous investment approach is available with the remarkable tax efficiency of Corporate Class.

Reduce and defer tax.

Russell Investments Corporate Class makes it simple to add several distinct tax advantages.

  • Tax efficient gains on fixed income investments.
  • Minimize tax on income distributions.
  • Use current losses to offset future gains.


In March, 2016, the federal government released draft legislation to eliminate tax-deferred switching between different corporate class funds, meaning investors could trigger a capital gain or loss in this type of event. Subject to approval, this legislation is expected to take effect after January 1, 2017. Until then, investors can continue to receive this tax-deferred advantage when switching between corporate class funds, along with the other inherent tax advantages of investing in Corporate Class.

Accumulation Class Portfolios
Russell Investments Balanced Class
Russell Investments Balanced Growth Class
Russell Investments Long-Term Growth Class

Russell Investments - Corporate Class Funds
Russell Investments Short Term Income Class
Russell  Investments Fixed Income Class (closed to new purchases)
Russell  Investments Global Unconstrained Bond Class (closed to new purchases)
Russell  Investments Global High Income Bond Class (closed to new purchases)
Russell  Investments Canadian Dividend Class
Russell  Investments Focused Canadian Equity Class
Russell  Investments Canadian Equity Class
Russell  Investments Global Smaller Companies Class
Russell  Investments Focused US Equity Class
Russell  Investments US Equity Class
Russell  Investments Overseas Equity Class
Russell  Investments Focused Global Equity Class
Russell  Investments Emerging Markets Equity Class
Russell  Investments Global Equity Class
Russell  Investments Global Infrastructure Class
Russell  Investments Money Market Class (switch only)

Multi-Asset Class Solutions
Multi-Asset Income Strategy Class
Multi-Asset Growth Strategy Class
Multi-Asset Growth & Income Class
Multi-Asset Fixed Income Class (closed to new purchases)

Russell Investments Income Class Portfolios
Russell Investments Conservative Income Class
Russell Investments Income Essentials Class
Russell Investments Diversified Monthly Income Class

All this, plus Russell Investments' renowned investment process and diversification across asset classes, investment styles, and money managers.

All taxable Canadian dividends (other than capital gains dividends) paid by Russell Investments Corporate Class are eligible dividends for federal tax purposes unless otherwise indicated.

This material is not an offer, solicitation or recommendation to purchase any security.

Multi-asset investing does not assure a profit and does not protect against loss in declining markets.

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