Defensive solutions

Russell Investments Focused Funds

Help lower volatility and manage investment risk with defensive investing.

Since the last global financial crisis, investors have become more conscious of equity market volatility and its effect on their portfolios. Adding defensive stocks to a portfolio may give you a way to lower volatility while still giving you equity exposure and the potential for growth.

Potential benefits of defensive funds

  • Downside protection – defensive equities have historically been more likely to hold their value during falling markets, however, they generally also have less upside potential in rising markets
  • Lower volatility & investment risk – traditionally less volatile than the broader market, may be suitable for investors who have a medium tolerance for investment risk
  • Diversification – a defensive approach can help smooth out long-term returns and help manage risk in your portfolio

Russell Investments Focused Funds

To meet the demand for defensively oriented investments that still have the potential for equity-like returns, Russell Investments offers a series of geographically diverse high conviction funds. Each fund has a select portfolio of high quality companies with defensive characteristics and a value orientation.

Russell Investments Focused Canadian Equity Pool
An all-cap high-conviction focused portfolio of 50-70 compelling opportunities in the Canadian equity market with a defensive and value tilt

Russell Investments Focused US Equity Pool
A concentrated selection of fewer than 70 of the largest U.S. companies that are expected to be leaders and benefactors if the global economy expands in the months and years ahead

Russell Investments Focused Global Equity Pool
Provides a concentrated portfolio of 150 to 200 companies that may provide a defensive global strategy for volatile markets

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