Real Assets Solutions

Russell Investments’ income portfolios are primarily designed to provide an attractive yield comprised of interest income, dividends and foreign income. A secondary objective is growth of capital over the long term. To pursue these objectives, the asset allocation of the portfolios can be tilted toward short- or medium-term opportunities to enhance yield, growth, or defensive characteristics.

What are real assets?

Russell Investments offers several options to access real assets, like infrastructure and real estate, allowing you to build a customized portfolio that meets your specific needs.

What are the benefits of real assets?

There are several reasons you may want to consider including real assets in your investment portfolio:

  • Diversify your equity exposure: Adding real assets to a portfolio is a way to diversify your equity exposure and also obtain access to an under-represented asset category.
  • Low correlation to other assets: Real assets have a low correlation to the other assets you are most likely to already hold—stocks and traditional bonds.
  • Attractive returns: Historically, real assets have had attractive long-term returns.
  • Protect your portfolio: Through the benefits of low correlations and attractive return profiles, real assets may help protect your portfolio from the effects of inflation.

Real assets solutions

Russell Investments offers several options to access real assets, allowing you to build a customized portfolio that meets your specific needs. For a diversified portfolio of real assets, the Russell Real Assets Portfolio is a simple way to gain access to this unique asset class. Alternatively, you can invest separately in the Russell Global Real Estate Pool or the Russell Global Infrastructure Pool.

Russell Investments Global Infrastructure Pool

Russell Investments Global Real Estate Pool

Russell Investments Real Assets Portfolio

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