Intelligent portfolio design

Building multi-asset portfolios

Accumulation Portfolios

Accumulation Portfolios are designed for investors seeking institutional-quality investment management to help grow their wealth. Each portfolio has a different range of globally diverse equities and fixed income, including exposure to non-traditional asset classes such as global infrastructure and real estate.

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Russell Investment Pools

A broad range of independent investment pools, each offering a unique blend of investment styles and managers. The pools form the building blocks for a total and customized portfolio.

As part of the Russell Investment Pools program, clients also have the choice of investing a number of multi-asset portfolios. Download the brochure (PDF)

The Russell Investments Income Essentials Portfolio is designed to generate monthly cash flow to meet essential expenses during retirement, combining the growth potential of equities with the security of bonds in a 35% / 65% allocation.

The Russell Investments Diversified Monthly Income Portfolio provides a consistent stream of monthly cash flow that delivers a higher after-tax return than money market fund, government bonds, or fixed income alternatives.

The Multi-Asset Growth & Income investment objective is to provide income and long-term capital growth primarily through exposure to Canadian equity securities and exposure to fixed income securities, either directly or through investments in other mutual funds.

The Multi-Asset Fixed Income aims to provide income primarily through exposure to Canadian and foreign fixed income investments.

The Multi-Asset Growth Strategy (MAGS) investment objective is to provide long-term capital growth primarily through exposure to Canadian and foreign equities. MAGS offers diversification through exposure to both traditional and non-traditional asset classes including global equities, fixed income, real assets and absolute return strategies.

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