Defined contribution plan solutions

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Your goal as a DC plan sponsor is to help improve the financial security for the participants in your defined contribution plan. That's our mission, too. We're dedicated to helping you employ the best practices in plan design, investments and implementation. Our commitment to research compels us to look deeply into the most complex problems. And our experience providing governance and risk management insight informs every step we take as your fiduciary solutions provider.

Asset management? Consulting? Benefit from both sides of the equation.

Accumulation Portfolios and Investment Pools

Offer your participants a multi-manager solution built from some of the world's best managers. Each fund invests across a broad range of asset classes and uses a blend of active and passive management.

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Real Asset solutions

Expand your plan menu beyond traditional asset classes to take advantage of the asset classes that can potentially increase a long-term portfolio's diversification, growth, and inflation protection.

Complete Fiduciary solutions

You are a fiduciary, entrusted to oversee a defined contribution plan for participants. However, we are prepared to take on the precise level of fiduciary responsibility you are looking for which includes services such as plan design, target date funds management, participant communications and recordkeeper search/oversight.

Commitment to the future

We can help you think about what the next generation of target date investing might look like in your plan. It could be more adaptive, and based on factors beyond age, including: savings, contribution rate, account balance, recent market impact and evolve from accumulation vehicles to lifetime investments.

Defined contribution outsourcing

As a fiduciary, entrusted to oversee your DC plan for participants. You may benefit from engaging Russell Investments as a co-fiduciary for:

  • Plan design
  • Investment manager search and ongoing management
  • Participant communications
  • Recordkeeper and vendor search and oversight

For more than 30 years Russell Investments has provided fiduciary management services to large corporate retirement plans.

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