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The Chinese market in Canada is undoubtedly large and continues to experience strong growth. With a lengthy and rich history, Chinese Canadians are currently the third-largest ethnic group in the country. There are approximately 1.5 million Chinese Canadians1, or about 13% of the total population2. China continues to be one of Canada’s largest sources of immigrants.

Our dedicated Asian Investor Services team is committed to helping Asian advisors grow their business within the Chinese community across Canada. Our experienced team of investment professionals provides personalized service, language support, and Chinese-language materials to help Asian advisors serve their Chinese-speaking clients.

The Asian Investor Services team can also provide access to Russell Investments’ broad suite of multi-asset investment solutions, its industry-leading capital markets research and to Russell Investments Advisory Services, a range of training options for new and experienced advisors.

Asian Services Team

Eva Pak - Sales Director, Asian Investor Services

Eva Pak
Sales Director, Asian Investor Services:
Cell: 647-278-3877
416-640-2506 | 1-888-640-8101 ext. 2506


  • More than 25 years of experience in the mutual fund industry
  • Established an Asian Client Services Team for a leading financial institution in Toronto
  • Head of an Asian Sales Team serving more than 1,000 Asian advisors across Canada
  • Helped Asian advisors to conduct Chinese client seminars for their clients and prospects
Diana Chan - Sales Associate, Asian Investor Services

Diana Chan
Sales Associate, Asian Investor Services
416-640-2503 | 1-888-640-8101 ext. 2503


  • 18 years of experience serving Asian advisors across Canada
  • Education: University of Toronto, BA Hon., Specialist in Economics

Our team looks forward to working closely with you and your investment advisor. For more information about our products, please speak to your advisor.

1Asia/Canada website
2Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada


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