Retirement Lifestyle Solutions

With 61% of Baby Boomers more afraid of running out of money than they are of dying,¹ there is a strong need for a solution that answers a fundamental question of many Canadians preparing for retirement: "Will I outlive my money?"

Russell Investments Retirement Lifestyle solutions in 3 steps

Russell Investments Retirement Lifestyle Solution™

The Russell Investments Retirement Lifestyle Solution™, is a planning and investment program designed to help financial professionals and investors work together. It focuses on investors who:

  • Are near or in retirement 
  • Seek sustainable, but not guaranteed, withdrawals to support their retirement lifestyle
  • Want access to their portfolios and flexibility to make changes when necessary

If you've been thinking about having a serious conversation about retirement lifestyle solutions, then this approach may be exactly what you need.

Portfolios must work differently now

Spending and managing lifetime savings during retirement requires a different investment plan than saving money toward retirement.

Risk takes on a new meaning

In retirement, inflation could diminish buying power and increase the risk that money may not last long enough. Implementing solutions to help manage risk and help achieve a preferred retirement lifestyle is critically important now.

Staying on track is key to success

Financial professionals and investors regularly work together on portfolio checkups because markets fluctuate and personal situations and goals change over time. Russell Investments Retirement Lifestyle Solution™ is a planning and investment program designed to help get the most out of these important conversations.

1Allianz Life Insurance survey cited in article, Boomers Dread Retirement Shortfall: Survey, June 21, 2010

*Russell Investments Retirement Lifestyle Solution utilizes Russell Investments’ planning tool, Russell Investments’ investment solutions, and Russell Investments Advisory Services. Although designed to do so, the Russell Investments Retirement Lifestyle Solution may not adequately address a retiree’s lifestyle needs in retirement. Investments and strategies are not guaranteed by Russell Investments.

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